Silicon Valley and that “Hollywood” feeling

So this week- the week of my 29th birthday I’m spending here in San Francisco for the Web 2.0 conference. It’s my first time at a web conference and really networking in SanFran.

Last night I started the week at a party held by Greg Galant, a Brooklynite and the host of one the podcasts in my subway rotation- Venture Voice.

To me the party had a bit of a Hollywood feeling. No, not in the level of glitz or glamor (the 4$ drinks actually mad a nice break from New York). But the feeling stemmed from the fact everyone is working on something- it may not be what they were working on last time you talked to them and it won’t necessarily be what they are working on next time you talk with them. The question is “what are you working on right now.”

This is pretty different from the way most of the world works- having a “job” (or “boj” as my mom calls it). It’s different as well from the New York tech scene. We don’t quite have the number of companies, and most entrepreneurs spend at least a few years on something before they move to something else. I can see this being both positive and negative from different points of view- and it taps intrinsically into the greater debate of are you building a company to flip or to be a viable entity of it’s own. I think 30elm could be around in ten years- and be a keystone company in it’s industry- it seems apparent that “Valley” tech doesn’t always promote this idea.

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