Web 2.0 Expo sessions on Tuesday

A few more notes from a few more of the Web2.0 Expo sessions I attended..
The State of the Union on SNS Tech– Konstantin Guericke, Tony Stubblebine, Lev Grossman, Emily Greer, Larry Halff
A sense of accomplishment for your users is important. Always give them positive feedback. Allow users to discover quickly that your site is useful.
The added a moderators badge but then actually got rid of them b/c of abuse. Features sometimes get shoved to the side. Balance tracking with testing engaging of your users. The most important bugs you’ll see repeatedly in user forums and such.

Launchpad: Better today. Swivel- crossover of many sets of data- good presentation. Vidoop- authentication, openid w/ images, definitely the crowd fave. Tellme- voice/txt and download directory services.
Boring panel on mobile2.0
High Order Bit: OAN: architectureforhumanity.com Using architecture/tech around the world, architecture 2.0 through collaboration, uses drupal on (2) Sun X2200 M2 16 GB ram ea., storagetek 3511 6TB. Their presentation made me wonder how we can leverage our pro network for volunteer work- give them a badge if they volunteer or something similar.
Hitwise/technorati: 668% growth on participatory sites in last 2 yrs, very small % of visits are participants, 1/9/90 rule- 1% active participate, 9% active sharers, then the rest

Building Sites Using the Power of Happy Users– Stewart Butterfield, Joshua Schacter, Ted Rheingold, Biz Stone
You can’t build something w/out constant communication with the user. Users are more then ready to help- beta testing, suggesting new features. Make sure you recognize users- recognition drives involvement. Users like adding positive value. Make sure you keep regular contact w/ users.

Find the friction in your site- what makes it hard for people. Then try to constantly iterate and have 3 releases a week. Make it easy to get stuff into/out of the site. When hiring- they usually have people consult for a month first and try to hire from within the user community.

Comparing Web Application Frameworks– David Black, Avi Bryant, Dustin Whittle, Jeremy Kemper

They avoided controversy in this panel by stating that they were comparing frameworks, not contrasting frameworks. Since it was a bunch of mild-mannered developers there was very little arguing and much agreement that it is the developer not the tool they use that makes for quality code.

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