Supernova Mixer

Last night I stopped by the hip Gallery bar in the LES for the Supernova mixer. Everyone was excited to find that it was open-bar, which helped facilitate pretty good mingling. There was a high number of left coast peeps, the ones I talked to were Oren Michaels of Mashery and of course Kevin Werbach the host of Supernova. I also got to talk with some people doing interesting things in PR (bulletproof vests specifically..) and a bit of brainstomring with Mark Davis from DFJ Gotham.

Again there was an overall sense of excitement about the NYC tech scene, although I only noticed a few entrepreneurs there (my office mate Niki of Homethinking, Nate of Ventbox, a few Motionbox peeps). I kept hearing people talk about the “good ol’ days” of six years ago.  Maybe they’re back. Checkout the pics here.

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