DFJ Gotham East Coast Venture Competition

So I attended the DFJ Gotham East Coast Venture Competition today. Unfortunately Penn’s two teams got knocked out in the first round this morning, so I didn’t get to see them.

The highlight was of course the end of the day, when not only did they hand out two prize checks, but Time Draper, of Draper Fisher fame, sang his (in?)famous love song/ballad to all of the entrepreneurs in the audience- The Riskmaster. That guy has some balls. Apparently this wasn’t the first time he has sung in front of a rough crowd either.

My personal pick was Affine Systems- an online contextual advertising startup, but maybe it was not just the potential, but also because I could most easily wrap my mind around their plan. In the end it was SteriCoat who won, with Greenware getting second prize. SteriCoat was solid, although harder to understand being a medical device company. Greenware I thought had a very small market niche (upscale disposable plates) and an easily replicable business.

But overall all the presenters were much more together then I expected, and certainly then I had been in school. The teams were well-assembled, with good plans, and a fair amount of traction. It makes me realize all the work I have to do over the next year for 30elm. But I met some good people today and am excited to see things come together.

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